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Our home state of Kentucky is famous for its unpredictable weather—and winters can be the worst. Oh, but did we mention enduring the hot and humid Kentucky summers?

If your AC isn’t pumping out enough cool air during a July heatwave, or if your heating system isn’t working as well as it should when the temperature plunges into Arctic ranges, call in the expert hands of our team at Glacier Heating & Cooling to restore you to your comfort zone in and around Lyndon, KY. We provide emergency service 24/7.
Whether we’re working with AC, heat pumps, a geothermal system, gas furnace, or air conditioning unit, our technicians at Glacier Heating & Cooling will ensure that your unit operates at peak efficiency. Services we offer include:

● 24/7 emergency repair and installation services
● Indoor air quality inspection
● Annual or semi-annual maintenance
● Residential and commercial HVAC installation
● Geothermal installation and service
● Unit service and installation for modular homes

Our services come with free estimates and financing options. We install, repair, and service HVAC systems with quality craft and affordable prices, so call Glacier Heating & Cooling today (812) 967-6082.

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Should You Repair or Replace Your HVAC System?

When your HVAC system is not running correctly, be sure to call us as soon as possible. We know you’ll be worrying about the big question: Can they repair it, or will I need to replace the heating or air system?

If your air conditioner, furnace, or ductwork is more than a decade old, be sure to call us to get it inspected. Regular maintenance can extend the life of your unit and save you money by avoiding emergency breakdowns.

If you haven’t hired a team of experts to inspect your ductwork in years, wear and tear might have already set in. The air you’re paying for may not be reaching all the rooms of your home. Instead, it may be escaping through the cracks in the ductwork, lowering your system’s effectiveness as a whole.

Sealing up any gaps in your ductwork is not a hard job, but the longer it goes without inspection, the more extensive—and expensive—the repairs will be.

It doesn’t take a professional inspector to determine that your AC isn’t working as effectively as it should. If you’re running your air but you’re just not feeling it, it’s time to call us at Glacier Heating & Cooling out to look at it.

We want you to feel assured that we will not trick or pressure you into buying a new unit when we come to make repairs. If it’s repairable, we’ll fix it for an honest price, and we’ll let you know the prognosis for your unit if we see that it’s ailing. You can trust us to look after your best interests.

Do you have any questions about who we are? Read about us and learn how our Glacier Heating & Cooling team is helping the Lyndon, KY, community!

Installation of Heating and Air in Lyndon, KY

Are you just moving to Lyndon and want to install an HVAC system in your newly built home? Our Glacier Heating & Cooling team can help you pick out the system that’s just right for you and your family. The options we can offer you will be energy-efficient and user-friendly, meeting your expectations.

One decision will be whether you desire traditional air ductwork for your central air and heating. For a larger property, a central air conditioner and furnace are likely the most cost-effective solutions.

However, many people are opting for ductless split-system or mini-split installations, which provide greater flexibility for more energy-efficient zone heating and cooling. You can only cool or heat the room you’re using, for example.

When it comes to these solutions, you have many, such as
• gas heating
• a split system
• hybrid heat pump system
• ductless mini-split heat pump
• packaged heating & AC system
• and many more.

If you aren’t sure, let one of our experts at Glacier Heating & Cooling show you the options and help you decide.

Our HVAC Maintenance Services

It’s always wise to ensure that your HVAC unit is functioning correctly before the summer or winter seasons begin. We aim to maintain your Lyndon, KY, home’s climate with our affordable heating and air services.

We know you’ll need repairs from time to time because wear and tear happen. If you sign up for a maintenance plan, we’ll check your units every 6-12 months to make sure they are in working order, and if we see parts headed toward decline, we can fix or tighten or replace them then, before they blow out on the hottest or coldest day of the year.

Just as regular doctor checkups help you live longer, regular HVAC maintenance visits will enable your heating and air conditioning to last longer, too.

For any questions or concerns you may have about your HVAC system or to schedule a service, repair, or installation in Lyndon, KY, please reach out to us at Glacier Heating & Cooling by calling (812) 967-6082.

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