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Reach out to Glacier Heating & Air Conditioning today for professional heating and air services in Middletown, KY.

Having a professional heating and AC company that can provide you with quality solutions for whatever air conditioning or furnace issues you might be facing is essential. Here at Glacier Heating & Air Conditioning, we aim to be that company for you. We have a skilled team of highly trained experts who are ready to offer you top-notch services for heating and air in Middletown, KY, that you deserve.

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Heating Services

Turn to our knowledgeable and experienced staff for reliable heating services that will help you get your home ready for the unpredictable Kentucky winters. There is nothing we can’t handle, from heat pumps and geothermal systems to gas and electric furnaces. Reach out to Glacier Heating & Cooling today for the following heating services in Middletown, KY.

Heating Installation
Thanks to our installation services, your home can give you the warmth you need to stay comfortable during the cold weather and winter seasons. Some of us might already have a furnace that might need replacing because of its age or worn down state.
Whatever the case, we have the services to cater to your situation. We aim to leave you with a fully functional heating system. We will help you find the perfect make and model for your home, guide you throughout the process, answer any questions, and resolve any concerns you might have.

Heating Repair
We also offer quality repair solutions if you are experiencing issues with your heating. We have the expertise to repair all makes and models of electric and gas furnaces, resolving problems ranging from faulty thermostats to insufficient heating.
Reach out to Glacier Heating & Cooling for heating repair services if you are experiencing:
• Uneven heating
• Unusual noises coming from your furnace
• High energy bills
• Lack of hot air

Heating Service
We provide you with the best preventative solutions to the many problems that furnaces often experience with our maintenance services. Opt for regular servicing and let our expert technicians inspect your heating system to detect and rectify issues to prevent costly repairs in the future.

We will check your system’s blower operation, airflow, electrical components, and more, ensuring that your home’s heating is as efficient as it can be.

Air Conditioning Services

At Glacier Heating & Air Conditioning, we also offer comprehensive air conditioning services that will ensure that your home is kept cool throughout the hot and humid Kentucky summers. Contact us today to receive some of the following air conditioning services.

Air Conditioning Installation
Thanks to our expertise and 30 years of experience, we can offer you AC installation services that achieve unmatched quality levels.
We will assess your home to help determine which air conditioning unit to install by helping you pick a user-friendly, energy-efficient unit to suit your cooling needs. We will then install it for you, ensuring that it achieves optimal functionality before leaving your home.

Air Conditioning Repair
We understand how valuable your air conditioner is to you during the summer and, as such, have dedicated a portion of our wide range of expertise to offering you reliable AC repair services. These services are meant to cater to whatever issue your unit might be experiencing.

Reach out to Glacier Heating & Air Conditioning for quality repairs should you notice that your AC has:
• Water leakage
• No cold air
• A malfunctioning thermostat
• Uneven cooling
• Unusual noises
• Low refrigerant levels

The quicker you get in touch with us, the sooner we’ll be able to dispatch one of our experts to identify and resolve all issues.

Air Conditioning Service
Similar to our heating services, we also offer maintenance that caters to air conditioners. Our AC servicing involves cleaning and inspecting your air conditioner to detect potential issues and prevent them from turning into costly malfunctions later on. Through regular maintenance, you can help keep your AC unit running optimally for much longer.

HVAC Services for Heating and Air in Middletown, KY, Residents Can Count On

We are one of the leading heating and cooling companies in the area and are committed to offering the professional services that Middletown residents can rely on. Allow us to safeguard your comfort through our comprehensive services that are tailor-made to resolve your specific needs.

Call Glacier Heating & Air Conditioning today at 812-967-6082 for the trustworthy, valuable, and professional services you need for heating and air in Middletown, KY.

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