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Contact Glacier Heating & Air Conditioning today for reliable assistance with your business or residential HVAC system in New Albany.

New Albany homes and businesses require top-notch HVAC services for a comfortable and fresh environment year-round. The professional HVAC technicians at Glacier Heating & Air Conditioning offer the finest service across the region’s heating and air. New Albany, IN, enjoys peace of mind with our trusted team covering every detail.

Schedule a free inspection with our professional HVAC contractors today. We offer premier installation, repair, and servicing for heating and air (New Albany, IN, and surrounding communities).

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Comprehensive Servicing For Heating and Air—New Albany, IN

A well-maintained cooling and heating system keeps the area comfortable and improves indoor air quality. Our customers often require seasonal assistance with heating and air. New Albany, IN, servicing options are recommended as yearly maintenance plans or a semi-annual service schedule so that the home or business easily handles the harsh winters and sweltering summers.

You can rest assured that our friendly technicians will complete a full inspection of your home, offer comprehensive service, and repair any issues quickly. The HVAC unit’s service record details the work you put into the device, and it is an excellent selling point for potential buyers if you need it. These records also indicate past issues, helping our team understand each unit in the home or commercial setting.

As part of our routine maintenance plans, we replace filters, check the thermostat batteries, and inspect the wiring, hoses, and gas lines. Before any maintenance begins, our professionals offer a free estimate for review. It provides the option for our customers to consider the details and let us know to start the work.

Reliable HVAC Repair Services

A heating and air conditioning system could malfunction at any time, but our prompt repair service minimizes any inconvenience that may arise. We are here to help when heating and cooling systems need some attention, and our licensed HVAC technicians will handle everything for you.

Give our HVAC experts a call whenever you notice the following issues:
● Neither hot nor cold air blows from the system
● No air is flowing through the vents
● The system does not start or run well
● You hear loud noises
● There is a distinct burning smell
● The room smells strongly of a refrigerant (like Freon)
● The thermostat malfunctions
● Lights dim as the system turns on or off

We arrive at your home or business and inspect the entire system. Our technicians are thorough and quite willing to focus on the trouble points you have noticed in the interim. As with our service appointments, the finer points of the repairs appear in a free estimate for your review and prior approval.

Glacier Heating & Air Conditioning understands how crucial it is to have a functioning HVAC system year-round. We offer financing on each service, and we are also happy to break up your estimate into smaller projects that may take priority.

Did you know that a geothermal system runs on the power of the earth, effectively eliminating heating and cooling bills? Read some reviews from our customers who have chosen this innovative system for their homes or office buildings.

Affordable Installation for Heating and Air—New Albany, IN

If you notice issues with your heating or AC system, call our Southern Indiana team immediately—delays could be potentially dangerous or lead to higher costs. Issues within the air conditioning or heating units often affect the indoor air quality or precipitate other health risks. There may even come a time when you will have to replace your HVAC unit.

At Glacier Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer sales and affordable installation for complete customer satisfaction. Our competitive prices extend to:

● Central air units
● Furnaces
● Ductless systems
● Geothermal devices

When it is time to replace your device, our team will take measurements to ensure the appropriate unit and remove your old one. We also check the wiring, gas lines, and hoses before installing and testing the new device. We can easily include a new thermostat or other features that will help you reduce your carbon footprint, lower energy bills, and improve indoor air quality.

If you need assistance with your heating and air conditioning, contact Glacier Heating & Air Conditioning at 812-967-6082 or use our online contact form. The team provides over 40 years of experience in all kinds of projects for heating and air. New Albany, IN businesses and homeowners may also take advantage of our 24/7 emergency service on the number above.

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