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For high-quality repair and maintenance of heating and cooling systems 24/7, call Glacier Heating and Air Conditioning today.

Shively, KY residents frequently experience hot and humid summers and cold and wet winters that are getting worse every year, making reliable HVAC systems a necessity.

The NATE-certified technicians at Glacier Heating and Air Conditioning can fix your malfunctioning cooling and heating systems, replace them for better energy efficiency, or simply provide maintenance to prolong their lifespan.

We offer a broad range of services:
· Gas-powered boiler repair and maintenance
· Inspection and repair of solar-powered heaters
· Freon recharge and cleaning of air conditioners
· Ductless air conditioner installation
· HVAC system cleaning, upgrades, and replacements
· Residential window-type air conditioner installation and cleaning

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Air Conditioner Installation Services

If you’re looking to cool a residential space, you’ll choose between three types of air conditioners:
· Conventional window air conditioners
· Ductless heating and cooling systems
· Mini-split air conditioners

While we find that many residents can install conventional window air conditioners by themselves, most homeowners who want to keep themselves more comfortable choose a mini-split or ductless HVAC system.

Most commercial and residential customers prefer a ductless heating and cooling system for a long-term climate control solution. If you’re adding a new bedroom, sunroom, or man cave to your house, a ductless system won’t steal air from any other room or overload your air conditioners. Call in a professional HVAC contractor from Glacier Heating and Air Conditioning to install and maintain your heating and cooling system to extend its lifespan.

Air Conditioner Repair Services

Air conditioners typically last for decades without needing significant repairs or freon recharges. Our air conditioning experts at Glacier Heating and Air Conditioning can repair all types of air conditioners from all manufacturers. Whether your model is from the 80s or is brand new, we’ll know how to get it working again.

Read more about us to learn all about our extensive repair experience.

Air Conditioner Maintenance

Sometimes, you’ll turn on your air conditioner and hear a noise you can’t explain. A properly functioning air conditioner will keep its owners happy, but without regular maintenance, it can make people sick.

Call us if you notice these problems with your air conditioner:
· Low airflow
· No cool air from the vents
· Refrigerant leaks
· Moldy odors
· Unusual noises

Heater Installation

A modern water heater contains hundreds of components and sensors that you can damage by attempting a DIY installation. We get calls from many Kentuckians who get unexplainable leaks, malfunctions, and increases in their power bills from self-installed heaters.

Save time and money by leaving heater installation to the pros. Our technicians have experience installing all types of heaters. Call Glacier Heating and Air Conditioning to get knowledgeable heater installation at your property today.

Heater Repair

Like air conditioners, heaters can be neglected and abused and still work for decades. Our technicians are trained to evaluate your system’s heater system and provide suggestions for repair or replacement. We will educate you on which repair is right for your home, ensuring you and your family stay comfortable in the winter months.

Call us at the first sign of something wrong:
· You’re always short on hot water
· Your water fluctuates temperatures while you’re using it
· You’re noticing small leaks from your heater
· There’s low water flow coming from your faucets and showers
· You hear rumbling sounds from your heater
· All heater maintenance

Because water heaters have become so reliable, many homeowners and property managers forego maintenance procedures, causing them to fall short of their 15 to 20-year life expectancy. At Glacier Heating and Air Conditioning, we know heater maintenance is a multi-step process that can take hours, especially if you have an older unit.

Our technicians know how to extend the lifespan and improve the energy efficiency of your heater. If your heater needs to be replaced, we will help you make an informed decision, so you choose a unit that will meet your needs and stay within your budget.

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